Big U Shaped Maternity Pillow

Big U Shaped Maternity Pillow

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Plush and Supportive U-shaped Pillow for pregnant women and new mothers!

It's not easy to get a good night's sleep during pregnancy or after childbirth. Your body is adjusting and oftentimes these adjustments are a bit uncomfortable, to say the least. This big u-shaped maternity pillow is designed especially to provide comfortable support to pregnant women and new mothers so they can get the rest they need! 

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Its ergonomic design will help you get a good night sleep by:

  1. easing back pain, 

  2. alleviating muscle aches, 

  3. providing support to your tummy, 

  4. and soft-support for your child to rest on while breastfeeding. 

The pillow maintains the flow of air, due to which it gives a cooling, anti-static and anti-snoring effect. 

Because of its u-shape and flexibility, the pillow can be adjusted according to your needs, which will help you find a comfortable and cozy position to fall asleep in.

It's soft, comfy and cozy.

It's everything you need for a good night's sleep.

Available in four beautiful colors:

  1. White

  2. Blue

  3. Pink 

  4. Yellow

Weight: 1.5-2 kg
Shape: U-Shape


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